Arte nel vetro

ART IN GLASS (ARTE NEL VETRO) is an artisan workshop where Totò and Carmela make, furnishing solutions for unique and creative, windows for doors, windows, lighting, walls, bright paintings, screens, lamps, made with the traditional ligature to lead, Tiffany, collage, painting to fire, melting.

Thanks to their creativity and artistic experience are able to interpret the different solutions studied through achievements in the context of each environment.

ART IN GLASS provides sketches, drawings and visits free. Care with the highest degree the implementation. Issuing certificate of authenticity attesting to the originality of the work.

ARTE NEL VETRO di Carmela Padovano

via Parmenide (Pal.A) - 04013 Latina Scalo - Italy

Tel e Fax 0773.631023

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